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Hi! We are NookDesk, the desk for people with a passion for productivity— productivity makes us happy. We truly believe in the transformative power of the a smarter workspace and the ability to elevate experiences. Joy and productivity come from carefully thought out and distinctive design. With over 20 proprietary features, Nook’s design is both user-centric and human-centric.

With NookDesk and the vast list of options and accessories, every detail has been harmoniously coordinated. From the fast and powerful power adjustable columns to the serious storage, Nook is packed with innovative ideas that appeals to everyone. Many people spend more time with their desk than with any other piece of furniture. With closeness comes a real connection. Our goal was not to build a desk for everyone. But a Desk for every day.

Sometimes more is more, and you just need every square inch of your desktop. That’s why NookDesk is designed around an innovative triple level workspace. The NookDesk upper and lower platforms let you move gear like monitors and speakers off your desktop, and store your other critical tools under your desktop, giving you a clean surface.

Nook was design to maximize productivity. To help you take on your day. All of this gives you the freedom to embrace the joy of movement – the way life was always meant to be.

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