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When Closeness Becomes a Real Connection

Look inside homes and offices all around the world and you will see a quiet revolution taking place. More people are standing up and embracing the natural movement our bodies require.


Lifts Everything
in Sight

Won't Break a Sweat

NookDesk delivers the highest weight capacity in its class. You can load NookDesk with 250 pounds so it's strong enough to lift all of your most prized possessions. So go ahead and get that 2nd or 3rd giant monitor, attach your PC and connect your Harmon Kardon sound system. NookDesk lifts it all without breaking a sweat.

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Storage as a
Design Signature

With NookDesk, every detail has been
harmoniously coordinated

When technology and life collide, there's always a story to be told. NookDesk was the first company to deliver a triple workspace standing desk, and at a price that cannot be matched. Much more than just another adjustable height desk, NookDesk holds the key to increased movement and better health. The secret to unlocking, capturing and creating a healthy lifestyle with ease.


More Choices. More
Options. More Fun.

Tons of brilliant options

Options and accessories make NookDesk uniquely yours. Every Nook Accessory is custom-designed, custom-fit and durability tested. The most popular option is the full width upper and lower storage platforms. Customized to match your NookDesk perfectly, it's designed to maximize workspace and bring all your important tools within easy reach.

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Superior Power Management

Freeport™ & Freeport™ Plus

The Freeport PowerDock provides 1870 watts of pure power through 8 surge-protected AC outlets and 4 fuse-protected USB outlets in one convenient station, the perfect way to enable your office desk for any task while protecting even your most sensitve devices. The Freeport Plus offers all the advantages of our Freeport PowerDock, plus a convenient front panel that brings 4 configurable high-speed USB ports and 2 standard audio jacks.

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The Dynamic Desk that Enhances Your Life

And Helps You Take on the Day

NookDesk Intelligent Mobility guides everything we do. We're using new technologies to transform desks from mere office furniture into personal productivity centers.


Designed by You. Built by Us.

Design the Nook Desk that's Really You with our Online Configurator

Nook's easy to personalize design helps you get the most from all your on-board technology.

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Nook Desk values: innovation, design and functionality, performance and every day practicality.


Carefully Thought Out Design

Storage. An idea that appeals to everyone.

Sometimes more is more, and you just need every square inch of your desktop. That�s why Nook Desk is designed around an innovative triple level workspace. The Nook desk upper and lower platforms let you move gear like monitors and speakers off your desktop, and store your other critical tools under your desktop, giving you a clean surface to get right down to it.

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Lower Storage

Lower Storage

Keep your most important tools close without taking up valuable space on your desktop.

Upper Storage

Upper Storage

This massive platform positions your monitor at the ideal ergonomic height.

Freeport™ Plus

Freeport™ Plus

The perfect way to enable your desk for any task while protecting your most sensitive devices.

Ergonomic Keyboard Platform

Keyboard Platform

Accommodates any sitting or standing position so your wrists are never strained or over extended.

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